What are the five best things about David Copperfield?

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The David Copperfield experience, presented by MGM Grand Las Vegas, is a unique piece of entertainment you won’t want to miss out on while you’re visiting Sin City. There’s a lot to love about this mind-boggling, action-packed performance — come prepared to laugh, clap and be amazed by this world-famous illusionist up close and personal.

1. Family-friendly. Make David Copperfield’s performance a family-friendly experience, and bring the kids along for a couple hours of magical entertainment — however, keep in mind that kids under age five are not permitted at David Copperfield. With plenty of audience interaction and unique tricks, this is one show kids will be bragging to their friends about for weeks thereafter.

2. Location. Almost as impressive as Copperfield’s performance itself is the Hollywood Theatre, the space that the show is performed in each night. The stunning theater boasts a dramatic vaulted ceiling, plush red booths and velvet curtains — the 740-seat theater is the perfect intimate space for fans to get a close look at all of Copperfield’s mind-boggling tricks.

3. Interactive. If you’re looking for a Vegas show that is interactive, David Copperfield is one that can’t be beat. Many of Copperfield’s tricks require a great deal of audience participation and volunteers, and we guarantee the tricks are far more interesting than the typical trick where woman who looks like she is getting sliced in half. You can see Copperfield’s playful personality shine through all of his tricks, as he takes his illusions to an entirely different level of excitement for the audience.

4. Magic. While Las Vegas has a reputation for being flashy and sometimes overly showy in its concerts and performances, David Copperfield’s performances let the magic speak for itself. Instead of using showgirls, dancing or other over-the-top typical magic show elements, Copperfield demonstrates that his magic has a unique wow factor all on its own.

5. Copperfield’s Mastery. If you aren’t too familiar on the legend that is David Copperfield, his background is impressive to even the most magic-weary show-goers. Dubbed by Forbes as the most financially successful magician in the world, Copperfield has won more than 20 Emmy Awards, a star on Hollywood’s "Walk of Fame" and has even been granted a knighthood by France’s government. If you’re going to ever see a magic show in your life, let this be your first — although we’re certain you’ll be disappointed at anything else that tries to compare.

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