What is the theater like where by Cirque du Soleil is performed?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The Theatre where by Cirque du Soleil is performed at MGM Grand Las Vegas is large and quite comfortable. Really, any seat that you get will give you a great view of the stage. The set design is larger than life and really becomes like it’s own character on stage, as the set changes and moves all the time. With trapeze acts and acrobatics, the action takes place all over the entire stage, from top to bottom — so you don’t have to be super close to see, as you would if you were seeing a play. The entrance to the theater features a store and a refreshment area so you can grab a snack to bring into the show with you. We also recommend that you get to the show early as the ushers and staff are dressed in costume and remain “in character” as they help you get seated, so they set the stage for what you’re about to experience beforehand. The sound and music is also quite loud so it doesn’t matter where you sit, you’ll be able to hear just fine.

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