What does Gold Boutique Nightclub and Lounge look like?

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A night at Gold Boutique Nightclub and Lounge might not replace a trip to Graceland, but it’s a luxe Las Vegas stand-in where the spirit of Presley’s lavish style translates into the dramatic black, gold and red décor. Retro-influenced furnishings in leather and cowhide form the seating areas, and shiny black tables, deep red carpet and over-the-top accents such as a stallion lamp and mirrored walls make the room feel fit for the King himself. Gold Boutique Nightclub and Lounge’s décor lives up the hot spot’s name, as pillars and draperies in the color anchor the space.

Stewart Patchefsky

Inspired by Elvis Presley's Graceland, Gold is an artistic and captivating ultra-lounge which exudes the spirit of the King of Rock-n-Roll. The modern decor consists of design patterns found within the Memphis mansion and black and gold color palettes that exude sophistication and a sense of refinement. Its long sleek bar and strategically positioned clusters of seating are designed to stimulate conversation and promote social interaction amongst all visitors. Gold's glamorous space transports guest into a relaxing state-of-mind, complemented by the visually arresting scene all around. As the evening progresses, furniture near the DJ Booth is removed, allowing space for a vibrant and energetic dance scene to develop.

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