What amenities are provided for business travelers at Vdara Hotel & Spa?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Business travelers are well taken care of at Vdara Hotel & Spa with a business center that can be used to conduct a variety of work-related tasks. You can e-mail, fax, get documents notarized, send packages and rent all sorts of communication equipment. The Las Vegas hotel recognizes that not everyone who travels to Las Vegas is there for the wild clubs and casinos, so this relatively quiet hotel may be the perfect location to close that profitable deal. Plus, Vdara’s concierge staff will loan you a laptop if you’re in need.
If you’d rather not leave your room, settle into your Vdara suite’s modern, clean-lined wood and metal desk. You’ll find a phone, blotter, hardwire Internet hookup and a modern metal desk lamp with a drum shade. Burn the midnight oil while looking out onto the Las Vegas Strip and distant mountains without ever leaving your room in this Four-Star hotel.

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