What is the interior design of Allegro?

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Cindy Pearlman

Allegro, with its rich, deep red walls, offers an oasis from the chiming slot machines and excitement of the casino floor at Wynn Las Vegas. With a matching deep red rug and splashes of beige and gold on the wall, the fine dining Italian restaurant brings a slice of Italy to the Las Vegas Strip. The chairs are a matching shade of red while the tables are a black lacquer, giving a New York feeling to the establishment. Lighting is low and sexy, while diners along the wall can enjoy a chic, city feeling while gazing out on the action going on at the slot machines and the gambling tables. Allegro’s main interior attraction is an open kitchen where you can watch the chef’s create their signature dishes and enjoy the action of the kitchen. For those who want to mingle, there’s a 15-seat bar to indulge and meet new friends or wait for a table.

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