Does Andrea’s offer special menus for food allergies?

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Hayley Bosch

Saying that Andrea’s offers special menus for food allergies would be an understatement; the Asian-inspired restaurant provides an entire book for those with allergies. Whether it’s dairy, soy, gluten, shellfish, eggs or fish that you can’t eat, there’s a menu for you. (Everything on the current menu is nut-free, except the root vegetable salad, which can easily be modified.)
Dairy-free options include dishes such as shishito peppers and Wagyu beef to start. For main courses, you’ll find delicious selections like Dungeness crab fried rice and duck confit lo mein alongside five-spice garlic lobster and a 20-ounce prime rib-eye chop.
The soy-free menu is considerably shorter than others, but you can still eat well. Appetizers such as the rock shrimp tempura and Scottish salmon tartare are definite winners, while entrees like the Wagyu rib cap and whole crispy fish will certainly satisfy your taste buds.
Like the soy-free menu, the gluten-free menu is rather small — but there are delicious options regardless. Start with steamed edamame topped with truffled sea salt or seafood on ice (which can be modified if need be), then continue your feast with main courses such as whole crispy fish or filet mignon.
Perhaps you can eat everything except eggs; there are plenty of things to eat at Andrea’s. Starters range from hamachi with crispy garlic, pickled cherry pepper, cilantro and sudachi soy to imperial lettuce cups with chicken, toasted rice, cilantro and mint. Many of the main courses are available as well — think spicy wok-fried chicken and diver sea scallops.
While an Asian-inspired restaurant with a focus on seafood may seem like a bad idea if you can’t eat fish, that’s not the case at Andrea’s. You’ll still have plenty of options, in fact. Whether you choose the Wagyu beef sliders, lemongrass wok beef tenderloin or spicy pork ragu noodles, you really can’t go wrong.
And a shellfish allergy isn’t a problem either when dining at Andrea’s. You can indulge in plenty of appetizers like the bigeye tuna and crispy rice with pickled jalapeño, spicy mayo and kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce), or the addictive shishito peppers. Entrees include everything from Chinese sausage and pineapple fried rice to saikyo miso black cod.

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