What vegetarian and vegan dishes does Andrea’s offer?

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Hayley Bosch

Vegetarians and vegans don’t have to feel as if they can’t indulge just as much as carnivores at Andrea’s; the swanky, Asian-inspired restaurant offers an entire menu for herbivores. While it’s not as extensive as the full menu, there are plenty of great options. For starters, you’ll find the irresistible shishito peppers that are topped with mustard miso, as well as Gardein Chick’n lettuce cups — safe for vegetarians and vegans alike — and Gardein Chick’n shumai.
As for entrees, you’ll find edamame and tofu fried brown rice, and Gardein Chick’n with pickled chanterelles and edamame. You can also order sides to pair your main course with, such as snap peas with roasted garlic and special vegan fried smashed potatoes with vegan spicy mayo.
And if you’re looking for sushi rolls, you’ll find them on the vegetarian and vegan menu in the form of cucumber, vegetable, roasted vegetable, avocado and asparagus, and oshinko (a type of Japanese pickle) rolls.

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