What kind of coffee and tea does Café Presse serve?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Café Presse proudly serves Lavazza coffee and a variety of teas. Regular, dark and decaf brewed coffees come in two sizes: a 12-ounce cup for $3.25 and a 16-ounce cup for $3.50. Teas come in 12-ounce and 16-ounce sizes as well, for $2.25 and $2.75 respectively. Your tea options include Earl Grey, English breakfast, jasmine green tea, pure mint herbal, Meyer lemon, black currant, sweet orange spice, chamomile, chai and premium green tea. A 12-ounce chai latte costs $5.50, with hot chocolate available for $3.00 and steamers for $3.50.

If you prefer your coffee dressed up, Café Presse makes a variety of espresso-based drinks, including traditional espressos, cafè macchiatos, espresso cremas, mochaccinos, lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos, cafè mochas and cappuccino cremas. And for those who need a little more punch, Café Presse also offers extra espresso and flavor shots.

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