Is Javier’s a romantic restaurant?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Cindy Pearlman

Javier’s, an upscale Mexican restaurant in ARIA Resort & Casino, is a very romantic restaurant although it’s a bit on the loud side. There’s sexy jazzy music playing in the background while the dark, Spanish mission feeling of the interior definitely leans toward a little hand holding. If you’re on a date or with your significant other, it’s best to reserve one of the half circular booths in the back of the restaurant by the wooden wall sculpture. It’s much quieter back there as it’s further away from the bar scene. At your table, it’s fun to order one of the special martinis or margaritas. You can also easily share some of the dishes like the guacamole, nachos or even the flan for dessert. You can also linger for some after dinner tequilas.

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