What is the interior design of Javier’s?

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Cindy Pearlman

Javier’s at ARIA Resort & Casino has a rich, transporting interior design inspired by the Moorish-Spanish missions that makes you want to reach for your passport. From the moment you step into the amber-lit restaurant, it seems as if you’ve temporarily relocated to Mexico and you’re eating at a Spanish Mission. Designer Dodd Mitchell creates drama with a simple color scheme of cream, dark brown and every shade in between. What makes Javier’s décor arresting is the incredible detail from the dark beams overhead to the specially crafted metal sculptures lurking everywhere to the walls of the private dining rooms inlaid with mother of pearl and abalone. One wall of the main dining room features a massive chainsaw sculpture that re-creates the Mayan creation story and the history of Mexico. Another is home to a giant sculpted metal tree that houses large bottles of tequila. The overall effect is very urbane and chic. If you’re looking to impress a significant other, first date or even a business partner, the interior design the Las Vegas restaurant will help do the trick.

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