What is the price range for a meal at Javier’s?

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Cindy Pearlman

Javier’s in ARIA Resort & Casino has a price range that makes it one of the more affordable upscale casino restaurants in Las Vegas. While Javier’s is a bit pricier than your neighborhood Mexican restaurant, the quality of the food and décor justify the cost. Appetizers range from $10 for taquitos or guacamole to $18 for tostadas laden with shrimp ceviche. House specialties range from $24 for fajitas to $46 for the carnitas ribs or the build-your own-tacos, which are designed to feed two. Grilled items range from $25 for a juicy chicken breast to $65 for a surf-and-turf combo of a Maine lobster tail with a filet mignon. Seafood is what Javier’s is known for; seafood specialties start at $27 for seafood enchiladas (shrimp and crab) and go up to $40 for Mexican white prawns in a garlic butter sauce. Other selections like the whole fish done Veracruz style in a sauce with tomatoes, capers and olives is priced according to the market dictates.

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