What are the five best things to order at La Cave?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

For a wine bar, La Cave has a fantastic menu of contemporary American dishes with global influences. Here are the five best dishes according to our Forbes Travel Guide editors:

1. Chef’s Selection flatbread with Nueske’s bacon, poached quail egg and Fontina. The quail egg has been cooked just enough, so that it is barely set when it arrives on the flatbread. Break into it, allowing the yolk to run over the smoky bacon and mild Fontina cheese.

2. Salt roasted beets.  Rather than a cold beet salad, this version offers warm beets, sweet and earthy, topped with a dollop of funky, whipped goat cheese. A sprinkling of pistachios offers a contrast in texture to each bite.

3. Sliced sirloin steak from the grill. Since the dishes are meant to be shared, the kitchen slices the steak for you, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of cutting off pieces for others to try. In a rich, mushroom fondue and with roasted, sweet and soft cipollini onions, it’s like a tiny pot roast.

4. Beignets with a raspberry sauce and crème anglaise. Warm balls of fried dough are tossed in sugar, and offered with sauces in which to dip. The raspberry sauce makes you think you’re eating a warm jelly doughnut.

5. Sommelier’s Selection. This wine flight features the sommelier’s favorites from around the world. The flight generally includes two whites and two reds.

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