What are the private dining rooms like at La Cave?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Small-plates dining is a trend that has been embraced by La Cave since it naturally goes so well with its wine-infused motif.  Several dishes are meant to be ordered by each person, and then shared among the table. The upside to this is that none of the dishes are over $20, so you and your friends could sample many dishes without breaking the bank.
The menu is categorized by where the dish might come from, as in The Sea, The Farm, or The Oven. The popular flatbreads — from The Oven — run around $14. Our Forbes Travel Guide editors recommend the beef filet with blue cheese, or stuffed chicken with prosciutto, which are sliced for you to be able to share. For a classic wine tasting experience, cheese and charcuterie selections are $6.

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