What is the menu like at La Cave?

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The beauty of a wine bar such as La Cave is that while the food can stand on its own, it is best enjoyed in the company of the wine it is meant to be with. La Cave understands this symbiosis between the two, so small plates are on the menu. Chef William DeMarco’s contemporary American menu offers beautiful cheese and house- made charcuterie for the most classic wine tasting experience. For a more extravagant experience, the rest of the menu is broken down by each dish’s origin. From the Sea, for example, you’ll find gorgeous hamachi, dressed with pickled chilies and lemon zest. The Farm delivers a sunny-side-up egg over asparagus and jamón serrano. From the Grill showcases sliced sirloin steak with mushroom fondue and cipollini onions.  
The wine list is a menu in and of itself.  La Cave specializes in wine flights for both guests who are complete wine novices to those that are full-fledge oenophiles. Each flight features four wines placed on a wooden plank with Roman numerals, so you know the order in which to drink them. The flights are divided up several ways: by region, as in Spanish or Italian wines; by grape, as in the global Worldwide White or Worldwide Red tour; or by varietal, as in Chardonnay flight. If you’re not sure what goes best with your Chef’s Selection flatbread, your sommelier or capable server can set you in the right direction.

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