What is the menu like at LAVO?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

LAVO offers a menu filled with luxe spins on traditional Italian foods, such as the one-pound Kobe beef meatballs. You’ll have a variety of Italian dishes to choose from, with appetizers, a raw seafood bar, salads, soups, the aforementioned meatballs, pizzas, pastas, potato sides, vegetable sides, steaks, house specialties and a slew of desserts and cocktails. You might think of LAVO first as a nightclub, but that would be doing the menu and the wait staff at the Las Vegas restaurant a disservice. Once you’ve tasted the meatballs, the roasted Chilean sea bass or the Oreo zeppoles for dessert, you just might have to change the way you think about LAVO. Its original takes on familiar Italian dishes and inventive ingredients make LAVO more than just a pretty face — though the Roman bathhouse atmosphere surely doesn’t hurt the experience.

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