What is the menu like at SUSHISAMBA?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Oh, the menu at SUSHISAMBA. Where do we begin? Imagine all the culinary delights of Brazil, Japan and Peru, all rolled into one big package, then mixed and matched to take ingredients from one placed and pairing them with presentations from another. That’s what kind of food you’ll find at SUSHISAMBA. For example, something as simple as the Neo-Tokyo roll, made from yellowfin tuna and tempura flake, adds in ajipanca to give an otherwise Japanese flavor a dash of Peru. The sheer wealth of options is really too long to even just name the sections; seviches and tira, robata, sandwiches and salads, bento boxes, churrasco and Japanese Kobe beef are just a few. You can count on original twists to foods you think you might know, and ingredients used in creative ways throughout the menu at SUSHISAMBA. Check your expectations at the door; the variety and inventiveness in SUSHISAMBA’s cuisine can’t be summed up in just a few words.

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