What is the interior design of Table 10?

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The interior design of Table 10 feels like a chic lounge with rich colors and lots of New Orleans influence. New York architectural studio Rockwell Group designed the space with purple and gold hues, with different decorations on each wall as an homage to the Big Easy. On one side, you’ll see a tall partition filled with bottles of wine, while another proudly displays chef’s jackets behind glass, or bottles and jars filled with pastas, herbs and spices decorating another. Table 10’s bar sits directly in the middle of the restaurant, so stopping at the bar seems like only a natural thing to do as you make your way to your table. But the mix of Mardi Gras-like decorations, a visible wine rack and clean lines make Table 10 feel inviting, all stemming from that casual New Orleans vibe.

Designed by the Rockwell Group, Table 10 has a vibe that reflects New Orleans hospitality and comfort. French Quarter wrought-iron gates welcome diners into the restaurant and hinge open onto the bar at the center of the space. Behind the cast-glass bar, an antique iron staircase transformed into sculpture showcases artisanal spirits, infused cocktails and craft beer labels. A glass-enclosed wine cellar forms a wall behind the bar and graces the main dining room.

Boundaries between kitchen and dining space are non-existent, allowing culinary theater to unfold before the diner’s eyes. The lava-stone-topped food bar seats 12 and is framed by two flame rotisseries that are used continuously throughout the day. The sight lines of the main dining room are of the double rotisserie, grill and food bar, giving diners full view of the chefs at work. A window at the end of the kitchen looks north up Las Vegas Boulevard. Oversized steel columns and beams frame the 110-foot-long facade, with colored glass canopies that open out over the 70-seat sidewalk café.

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