What are the desserts like at Taqueria Cañonita?

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Taqueria Cañonita has four desserts to choose from: Tres Leches, Peach Marmalade, Corn Crème Brûlée and an Ancho Chocolate Brownie. You’re probably familiar with the tres leches (this kind is served with strawberry jelly, raspberry coulis and vanilla ice cream), but we highly recommend the corn crème brûlée, a Mexican spin on the French dish that’s made with sweet corn custard and seasonal berries. Chocoholics will swoon over the ancho chocolate brownie, which is made with vanilla anglaise and cajeta sauce, and topped with chocolate-and-pepita-brittle ice cream. You won’t find these special desserts from Taqueria Cañonita anywhere else — except maybe back in Mexico City, the place that inspires Taqueria Cañonita’s soulful cuisine.

Here are some of the desserts offered at Taqueria Cañonita:

Tres leches. Sponge cake is soaked in three different milks, with layers of strawberry jelly and raspberry coulis. It’s topped with vanilla ice cream.

Peach marmalade. An empanada is served with pepita brittle ice cream and ponche syrup.

Corn crème brûlée. Sweet corn custard is paired with seasonal berries.

Ancho-chocolate brownie. The brownie comes with vanilla anglaise, cajeta sauce and scoops of chocolate and pepita brittle ice cream.

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