Is Twist by Pierre Gagnaire a good place for group dining?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Given its quiet atmosphere and the sheer delicacy of many of the ingredients in its food, Twist by Pierre Gagnaire better suits smaller group dining than larger parties. That isn’t to say you should avoid dining with a bunch of people at the restaurant, however. If you plan to come with more than just a party of four, look into booking the 16-seat private dining room.

Otherwise, the main dining room tends to have a more hushed atmosphere than most restaurants in Las Vegas, with high ceilings and enough space between tables to prevent conversations from overlapping. When we dined at Twist by Pierre Gagnaire, most tables had only couples at them, though there was one foursome. Even so, the room felt quiet and subdued, with diners dishing on which parts of their meals they enjoyed most. If you’re a foodie and want to test yourself with something new, then try the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant. Just be sure to bring your sense of adventure, and maybe a friend.

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