What are desserts like at Zeffirino?

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The most popular desserts at Zeffirino are its tiramisu and sfogliata. You’re probably familiar with tiramisu, a ladyfingers sponge cake made with mascarpone cheese it’s a Zeffirino dessert specialty. But the sfogliata might not be so familiar; it’s a flaky puff pastry made with Zeffirino’s cream, yours to try for $13.95. The Las Vegas restaurant also serves a number of other desserts, such as the diabella, a Bavarian white chocolate cream and milk chocolate ganache, as well as a variety of gelati and sorbetti, including the affogato all’Whiskey, made with raisins; marsala gelato with whiskey and whipped cream; or the coppa paciugo, made with croccante (Italian praline), pistachio and Malaga gelato with whipped cream and raspberries. You’ll see more traditional favorites on Zeffirino’s dessert menu than at many other Italian restaurants, thanks in large part to the restaurant’s family history that dates back to 1939.

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