What is the interior design of ESPA at Vdara?

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The interior design of ESPA at Vdara is sleek and contemporary, with calming water features that give the Las Vegas space a relaxing vibe. The floors, made of gray-and-white striped stone, give the two-level, 18,000-square-foot space a continuous flow. In fact, there’s a cascading water feature that flows from the top floor to the reception area, creating a sense of balance and harmony from the moment you walk in.

The spa embraces earth tones and uses an abundance of natural materials like stone and dark and light woods. The dimly lit co-ed relaxation area, where you’ll wait to be greeted by your therapist, has brown drapes, dark wood walls and a stone water feature at the center of the room. A pretty glass-bubble chandelier dangles above the water and soothing music plays in the background. We found that the meditation lounge has some of the most interesting décor, with flowing powder blue drapes, warm wood walls and white lounge chairs that contour to your body. You’ll want to lie back and drift off into bliss.

Kim Key

ESPA at Vdara is an 18,000-square-foot, two-level spa, salon and fitness center that celebrates the calming power of water. The spa presents a thoughtfully orchestrated journey, personalized to maximize each guest’s experience. As guests enter, they are welcomed by a two-story waterfall comprised of shimmering strings of beads that glisten as water cascades down them into the reflective pool below. Sapele wood floors with mink marble and river-stone floor accents create a sleek look throughout the space. Each level of the spa expresses a distinct atmosphere laced with luxury. The first level is a light, social space where patrons can mingle in the main reception lobby, enter the fitness center and salon, browse the spa boutique or enjoy a nutritious smoothie at the Smoothie Bar. The wellness spa on the second level inspires a calm and soothing energy.

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