What kinds of scrubs are offered at MGM Grand Spa & Health Club?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Sorry guys, unfortunately the scrubs MGM Grand Spa & Health Club are available for women only. The exfoliating treatments are given in a wet room, where you can choose among the following scrubs: Vou Kuli Sugar Exfoliation, using natural cane sugar and cold-compressed coconut oils; a Vou Kuli Body Glow, which includes a body butter application; and an Arabica Coffee Scrub. The caffeine in the coffee scrub firms and tightens while exfoliating your skin — a lot better than those whip-cream lattes ever could. To rinse off the scrub, a Vichy shower sprays warm water from above while you lie down, leaving your skin glowing and perfect for your vacation photos. And once you’ve gotten your scrub, try pairing it with one of MGM Grand Spa’s wonderful wraps to give you skins the exfoliation and conditioning you know it craves. You’ll be glad you did.

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