Does The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas offer group spa experiences?

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The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas is the perfect place to relax with a group of friends. The Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star spa’s Hammam is the ideal group setting. Hammams are gathering places in Turkey where groups of people go to relax and socialize. The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas translates that experience into a coed spa space where up to eight guests can get a treatment at once. This includes a main steam chamber with tiled walls and glistening lights overhead. You and your fellow guests in the Hammam will receive an exfoliating body scrub during your treatment. Then, steam will fill the room and you’ll be left to relax on the benches that line the walls. The heat helps to increase circulation in your body and improve your complexion.

If you’re visiting with a group of ladies, the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star spa’s Rhassoul is another option. The Moroccan healing ritual calls for applying natural mud all over and then sitting in a room that’s heated to 100F to let it dry and draw out toxins. An aromatic steam is then released to soften the mud, allowing the body to soak up its minerals.

Other options for groups to enjoy together include a poolside pedicure party, Hatha yoga session or a Chinese Foot Spa. The spa’s other amenities also make it easy to relax together as a group before or after individual treatments. This includes a Laconium Room (which is heated to 140F) and a warm Vitality Pool.

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