What’s the waiting area like at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas?

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While you wait for your appointment at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas, you can unwind in the lovely relaxation lounge and waiting areas, where your Las Vegas spa experience begins. At the dimly lit reception area, sit one of the Italian silk chairs so you can take off your shoes and exchange them for sandals. It’s part of a custom that signifies leaving your travels at the door and starting your relaxing spa journey. To unwind further, sip peppermint tea and cool off with a chilled towel while taking in the 1930s-Shanghai-inspired décor, like oversized artwork depicting Asian spa muses (which are also sprinkled throughout the spa).

After you get checked in and escorted to the locker room, you can wait out your treatment in the relaxation lounge. There, sink into one of the lounge chairs, which are more like semi-reclined beds topped with plush red blankets. The sleek space at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star spa is bathed in earth tones, like browns, natural stone, beige and olive. Let any tension drift away as you gaze out the large windows overlooking the Strip. All that action down there might as well be a million miles away. Shoji-like screens between the beds allow you to enjoy the view without being disturbed by nearby guests. There are a variety of snacks, including green apples, tea and fruit-infused water. Couples don’t have to split up either; a coed relaxation area lets you unwind together. Be forewarned: If there’s a group on the Hammam, you won’t have access to the coed area. The space is almost identical to the his-and-hers relaxation rooms, except bigger. Plus, you and your sweetheart can sit on the side-by-side beds while sipping tea and noshing on fruit. You’ll enjoy it so much, you might even forget about your treatment.

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