What are the hottest upcoming concerts in Las Vegas?

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Grace Bascos

All the great music acts come through Las Vegas, but Vegas really gets bumping when all the acts play in one venue.

This June 21-23 Electric Daisy Carnival returns to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and 345,000 revelers will rave in the desert. Originally created for those who are into electronic dance music, or EDM, Electric Daisy Carnival has turned into a multi-night, multi-sensory experience that gets bigger and bigger every year.

Since it's the desert, the party starts after the sun goes down, and the neon lights of the carnval begin. Over 200 DJs and performers will take over the six stages each night, with acts from all genres. Modern dance pop lovers will get down on Nicky Romero, Manufactured Superstars and Avicii, but those who are looking for more underground sounds can enjoy Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice and John Digweed.

But not all the action is relegated to the Speedway. Lots of clubs have the acts play in their venues for after parties or pool parties. There's lot of electronic music happening in Vegas that week. EDC is more than just a concert; it's an insane party with almost 350,000 of your closest friends.

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