What are the relaxation lounges/locker rooms like at The Berkeley Health Club and Spa?

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You won’t find a traditional relaxation lounge where you can head before or after your treatments at The Berkeley Health Club and Spa in London. If you’re looking to veg out following your Hydramemory Facial or Fruity Peel Skin Exfoliation, you’ll want to head up the stairs to the outdoor terrace, where you’ll find a selection of padded lounge chairs that you can top with a towel. A hot tea and coffee station is available at the front of the stairs if you’d like a toasty beverage to curl up with; you’ll find a range of magazines from Wired to Grazia located by the swimming pool, and you can even order a lunch of tuna sashimi or a Caesar salad to maximize your time up in the sky. The only downside with the terrace (at least from the spa goer’s perspective) is that you’ll be sharing the space and the pool area with hotel guests. One tip: Enjoy the terrace between the hours of 2 and 4 p.m., when children are not permitted to use the pool.

Right after checking into the spa, you’ll get a quick tour of the spa’s locker room, which includes private and semi-public dressing areas, showers, sauna, steam room and, of course, programmable lockers where you’ll find your waffle weave robes and plush slippers. The light wood lockers are amply sized and come with two hangers for storing your clothes, and a small grooming area stocked with hair dryers, deodorant, lotion and cotton swabs offers a nook for you to do your makeup following your facial. If you’ve gone for a dip in the pool, you’ll appreciate the swimsuit dryer located next to all the towels, and if you want to see if hitting the treadmill actually helped, use the scale towards the entrance of the locker room. The locker room itself is outfitted with marble sinks and high-end fixtures, although the look is a touch dated compared to some newer spas we’ve tried. Nevertheless, the London spa offers you all the basics you’d want from a locker room, plus some bonus extras.

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