What are the latest cocktail trends in London?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

London, as a town, is a mix of different cultures, histories, religions, ingredients and everything. London has always been leading the cocktail industry, all over the world. Old-fashioned things, even in cocktail culture, are coming back. So now is the time to go back to classic cocktails but twist them with a modern interpretation by using spices from different countries or using techniques that are used in the pastry [shop] or in the kitchen. I think that using your own personality is always very important. We love to make the guest a part of The Connaught Bar experience. So it’s not only about the cocktail, it’s about how you deliver it. You need to be smart, friendly and knowledgeable.

I can’t really speak for everybody because everyone does such diverse stuff. At the moment, we’re looking at Greco-Roman drinks and how the wines were flavored with herbs, spices, honey and things like that — resins. We’re kind of compiling a short cocktail list for a new project we’re working on with Bruno Loubet, the chef, and it’s going to be paired with the food. But we’re kind of looking at flavoring wines, and the Romans and the Greeks were very much about smoking wines and using exquisite herbs to make their wines better. But we’re obviously starting with good wines, so hopefully the result will be very palatable. I think this year people are looking at more simple cocktails. They’re kind of moving away from all the overelaborations and just making complex flavors with few ingredients.

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