What is the design style of Oceana Beach Club Hotel?

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Martine Bury

To create the style of a 1960s beach club where mod sensibility meets tranquility, designer Anthony Baratta combined pops of bold graphic pattern with a soothing palette of sea foam green, pale aqua and bright white at Oceana Beach Club Hotel. The glass-ceilinged lobby ensures the entry space is awash in natural light. It enhances the impact of the room’s green glass and gilded objects, which give the space an instant connection to the nearby beach. Midcentury seating provides a resting place as you check into the Santa Monica hotel. And vintage-inspired lighting fixtures establish a unique sense of place.

The guest room balconies, which surround the courtyard and its heart-shaped swimming pool, define the open space with a repeating, rectangular geometric pattern. Striped cabana curtains do double duty by providing guest rooms with privacy and give the rooms the feel of actual beach cabanas. Plants in beautiful pots add greenery to an area that is decidedly minimalist.

Tower 8 restaurant and bar sparkles as though the entire dining room was covered in polished sea glass. A tiled wall, a glass dining table and reflective surfaces organically lead the eye to the ocean-facing windows. Warm wood tones in the flooring and midcentury furniture brings the airy, translucent décor back down to earth, creating an elegant but inviting setting that is appropriate for both a casual, self-serve continental breakfast in the morning and a romantic dinner of California cuisine at night.

In contrast to the sleek common areas, the rooms are classic, cozy beach house. Sunny yellow or sea foam green walls and mismatched upholstery treatments in floral and paisley patterns are in keeping with the boutique hotel’s overall playful vibe.

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