What’s the best time to visit Oceana Beach Club Hotel?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Martine Bury

Oceana Beach Club Hotel is a good spot to visit during any season. For a few reasons, it enjoys high occupancy year round. It is ideally situated in a quiet residential neighborhood in Santa Monica, which makes it a retreat from the more crowded city center just about a mile away. Proximity to the beach doesn’t hurt. A quick dash across the street and you are on the sand. Then there is the fabled Southern California weather. With the exception of gloomy June and slightly cooler winter months, the climate is predictably temperate. Although Oceana’s chic, intimate common areas always feel private and relaxed, July, August and September are peak tourism season in Santa Monica, so you’ll find more people checking in. Late September and early October, as well as early spring, can be good times to experience the boutique hotel’s low-key style.

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