What should I wear to a treatment at Aqua Star Babor Beauty Spa?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

When you get ready for a visit to Aqua Star Babor Beauty Spa, wear comfortable clothes that you can easily change into and out of. When you arrive at the Beverly Hills spa, you’ll be taken to the 1950s-inspired locker room decked out in avocado green and chocolate brown hues. There you’ll find a velvety, cream-colored robe with a soft, white terry cloth lining, as well as pale-blue plastic slippers, to wear inside the spa.

Hang out and relax in the retro-chic lounge with its mod furnishings, nosh Italian cookies and sip cool water with lemon. Once inside the treatment rooms, you are encouraged to disrobe to your comfort level. Massage and body treatments usually require the removal of all clothing, but if you feel more comfortable wearing undergarments you’re more than welcome to do so.

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