What are the best beaches in Los Angeles?

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Christina Xenos

With nearly yearlong perfect weather and 72 miles of pristine Pacific Ocean coastline, one of the main attractions in Los Angeles is the stretch of beaches from Malibu to Orange County. Even if you hit a foggy day along the cost, you can still pack your beach towel, sweatshirt and umbrella and head to the shore. Wetsuits also come in handy year-round if you want to surf, kite board or take part in other water activities.

The South Bay beaches are very relaxed with large stretches of powdery sand from the boardwalk to the shore. You have your choice from Redondo Beach, which offers a lively pier, and Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach which feature downtown areas full of dining, shopping and drinking options. 

Farther north, Venice Beach is full of fun in the sun and the boardwalk is (for better or for worse) one of L.A.'s iconic attractions. Santa Monica is home to a lovely beach and the Santa Monica Pier, which features the iconic Ferris wheel and carnival atmosphere of Pacific Park.

Capping off L.A.'s beach scene are the pristine Malibu beaches like Point Dume and Zuma Beach. Lay down your towel and catch a view of the surfers and kite borders, or jump in the waves for yourself. Paradise Cove, on the beach in Malibu, is where you want to dine if you're spending a casual day at the beach. You can either grab a bite in their beachside cafe or book a cabana on the beach (definitely plan that in advance during warmer days).

Dana Damato

Los Angeles may be on the map for it’s entertainment, but once you’ve done the Hollywood shindig, you’re definitely going to want to throw on a swimsuit and head to the beach. Southern California’s beaches are beautiful. There is really no other way to describe it. On one side you have the Pacific Ocean and on the other side you have miles of mountains.
When you’re heading west towards the ocean, the first place you need to visit is Santa Monica. Not only is Santa Monica Beach the most beautiful, but there is also an area of shopping and dining, 3rd Street Promenade, and the famous Santa Monica Pier.  Think of Santa Monica has a high-end beach town that is much more laid back than Los Angeles. You’ll also want to make your way down to see Venice Beach, Manhattan and Hermosa Beach. All of which are beautiful and provide a remarkable experience for everyone to enjoy. If you go after sundown, bring a sweater! Southern California gets chilly at night time. 

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