What are the best Italian restaurants in Los Angeles?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

Piccolo is one. It’s kind of hidden by the beach. Ado is another great one. The space has been a string of restaurants but they’re the only guys who’ve really made it work. They just put a candle on the table and have a couple of really phenomenal servers who know what they’re doing and love Italian food and wine. You just go and it feels like you’re transported. It’s distinctly an Italian restaurant but you’re at the beach and it just feels good.

Fred Segal because I love the food. It’s in West Hollywood. Incredible pasta and salads — everything is good there. And then near me is a casual place called Café Aldente. It’s kind of my comfort food. It’s Italian, but they have my favorite dish there. They have chicken skewers with hummus, pita, and rice and tomato. It’s kind of Mediterranean, too — I know that sounds crazy. Then I love Mr. C in Beverly Hills. Also in Beverly Hills, Locanda Veneta on West Third Street.

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