What is Los Angeles’ dining scene like?

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Christina Xenos

The Los Angeles dining scene is a melting pot of options and cuisines, highlighted by the fact that L.A. is a city of immigrants whose international influence plays in heavy with what's being served in restaurants around the city.

When you're dining out in Los Angeles, be adventurous about trying new cuisines. They could be in the form an epic carte blanche tasting menu at Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star French restaurant Mélisse; Ricardo Zarate's take on upscale Peruvian cuisine at Mo-Chica, Picca and Paiche; or a bite of Roy Choi's own blend of L.A. Soulfood at Chego. No matter what you choose, you'll walk away with a unique culinary experience.

You'll also want to plan ahead with advance reservations if you're trying to access some of L.A.'s more popular restaurants on busy weekend nights, or at all. If you happen to come across a restaurant that doesn't take reservations, just show up, embrace the wait, grab a cocktail or a glass of wine and enjoy!

Dana Damato

Dining in Los Angeles is unlike any other experience you may have had already. Each restaurant is different in it’s own unique way that usually will have a lasting impression on you. For the most part, going out to eat is a very big part of L.A. and it is very rare that a restaurant pretty much anywhere in the city will be slow and on any night of the week.  However, each night will usually have the same vibe.
So if you’re wondering what the scene is like when Angelenos go out for a bite than look no further. No matter where you go, everyone is usually trendy, hip and interesting. The dinner crowd may be different on a Monday night than it is on a Friday night, but either way will always be a stylish and young crowd. If you’re deciding between wearing sandals or heels (if you’re a girl) I’d suggest the heels!

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