What is the weather like right now in Los Angeles?

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Christina Xenos

Right now it is sunny and in the mid-70s in Hollywood. In Santa Monica it's overcast and in the mid-60s, in The Valley it's sunny and in the 80s.

The weather in Los Angeles can change on a dime, no matter what time of year it is. A few years ago,  I recall shopping for Christmas presents with my air conditioner on high. This winter we hit freezing temperatures much to the dismay of many Angelenos who prefer to wear flip flops year round.

When you're planning to visit L.A. make sure to check the weather report for the specific area of the city that you're staying in, and pack layers if you plan on being on the move throughout the day. A few things about the weather remain consistent not matter where you are:

  • Temperatures drop in the evening hours so packing a light sweater or a jacket is essential.
  • "June Gloom" is a serious concern if you're planning to stay near the coast in the early summer. It could be sunny inland, but you'd never know that from the thick marine layer blanketing the beach.
  • It only rains periodically throughout the year so let's hope the stars are in line and you hit the city during sunny days.
  • In light of that, always arm yourself with at least one pair of sunglasses.

Martine Bury

After a month that alternated between the cool, grey, marine-layered days of what is locally known as 'June gloom' and days of searing dry heat, Los Angeles is finally settling into the hotter summer season we call 'beach weather'. This means midday temperatures range from 80s to 90s, while mornings are mostly cool and the best nights hover in the pleasant low-to-mid-70s. The temperature also tends to be cooler at the beaches and hotter inland and in the valleys. Because we are in a desert climate, flanked by mountains and the Pacific Ocean, LA doesn’t have too-predictable weather averages. Today, we are at the end of an intense weekend heat wave. Regardless of what it feels like outside, the surrounding waters warm up this time of year. We take that momentous event as an opportunity to dive in.

Dana Damato

The one thing you’ll probably never have to worry about when you’re in Los Angeles is bad weather. Southern California is known for it’s natural beauty and near perfect weather year round. If you go to California in December or June, you’re likely to have almost the same type of weather. The summer time is always the best to visit California, but the other seasons are equally agreeable.

As for now, you can be sure to find weather that is cool in the mornings and evenings and warmer in the day (75 high, 60 low). The skies are clear blue and the air is humidity free. All you’ll want to do is outdoor activities. Be aware though – going towards the ocean is always about 10 degrees cooler than in Los Angeles. Most visitors aren’t aware of the significant temperature change and don’t know to dress a little warmer by the water.

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