What are the best things to do with kids in Machu Picchu?

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Paul Brady

While Machu Picchu has advanced terrain for experienced hikers, a trip to the lost city can be exceptionally educational and easily undertaken by kids. Here’s our take on the five best things to do with kids at Machu Picchu:
1. Conversing with locals. Peruvians in general love children, making the country an excellent destination for families. Whether at restaurants, on trains and buses, checking in to hotels or simply exploring the ruins, striking up conversations with your kids is a great chance to meet the locals and learn more about the local culture.
2. Taking the train. The train ride from Cuzco and other Sacred Valley towns to Machu Picchu is a fantastically scenic experience that almost everyone enjoys. Kids in particular will like the Vistadome trains that have windows in the ceiling for even better views of the mountain gorge.
3. Exploring the ruins. Kids and parents alike can appreciate touring the ruins, imagining what life was like in the pre-Columbian era. Drawing, painting or photography are great activities here for budding artists.
4. Learning the native Quechua language. Widely spoken in the Sacred Valley, this language can be fun to learn — ask a hotel concierge for help with Machu Picchu-related words like “intiwatana” (astronomical observatory) or something more useful like “yusulpayki” (thank you).
5. Snacking on the outside. There’s an official prohibition on drinks and snacks inside the ruins, so be surreptitious if you’re set on sneaking something in. (And set a good example for young ones by packing up any empty wrappers and bottles.)

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