What is the best thing to bring home from Machu Picchu?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Paul Brady

There are some fantastic souvenirs to bring home from Machu Picchu and Peru. Even at the ruins themselves, you’ll see alpacas, the llama-like animals whose fleece yields a thick yarn that’s woven into hats, gloves, ponchos, sweaters, rugs and more. While quality varies greatly, it doesn’t take an expert to tell shoddy mass-produced work from finer pieces. While you can find vendors at the ruins, Forbes Travel Guide editors recommend the boutiques in Cuzco (just a short train ride away) or even the ones in Aguas Calientes, the town nearest Machu Picchu. Peruvian pisco, a flavorful grape brandy, is the base of the pisco sour cocktail and is a delicious indigenous firewater that’s difficult to find in the United States. Postcards are another great buy: No matter how good your photos are, postcards will show the ruins in different light, at different times of year and from vantage points you may not have explored. Stock up.

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