What are the best Maltese food experiences?

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Joseph Pisani

Despite its proximity to Italy, Malta has its own unique cuisine. Here are our Forbes Travel Guide editors’ tips for the best ways to experience Maltese food specialties:
1. Attend a village festival. Nearly every weekend during the summer, a village in Malta celebrates its patron saint. The town’s center (usually in front of a church) is closed to traffic and inside the festival, vendors sell Maltese food and snacks — we highly recommend eating your way through. Try freshly fried donuts, sticky nougat or imqaret, a fried pastry filled with dates.
2. Eat pastizzi in a cafe. Sit down in an outdoor café and eat a pastizzi, a flaky Maltese pastry filled with either ricotta cheese or peas. The treats make a great snack or a quick lunch. Wash it down with a Kinnie, a bittersweet Maltese soft drink. 
3. Snack on Twistees. Twistees are Malta’s baked cheese snack. They’re hard to find outside of the country, but while in Malta, you can pick them up from any supermarket or deli.
4. Buy freshly baked bread. Go to any bakery in Malta and buy a loaf of freshly baked Maltese bread, which has a hard crust and a soft, warm inside. To best enjoy this popular Maltese snack, drizzle with olive oil and eat with a fresh tomato.
5. Feast on some fresh fish. If the place where you’re staying has a kitchen, don’t miss out on the opportunity to cook up some fresh seafood. Ask a local where you can buy some fresh fish; in many villages, it will be in the town’s center, where fishermen often sell their morning catch.

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