What words best describe the style of The Charlotte Inn?

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The Charlotte Inn offers some of the best accommodations in Martha’s Vineyard. Here are five words that best describe the unique inn:

1. Old-fashioned. The Charlotte Inn focuses on taking guests back to a different time period when life was a bit simpler. Guest rooms are appointed with relics from the past, including four-poster beds with awnings and drapes to match. When it comes to technology, you’ll find an older TV with a VCR player and that’s about it, besides the phone and clock/radio. This inn is a low-tech place to relax and enjoy Martha’s Vineyard’s natural beauty.

2. Regal. The property evokes the English Edwardian era in style and décor. When you walk into the main building and reception area, you’ll immediately be transported to another time. Each room is elegantly appointed with art and furnishings from a bygone area.

3. Charming. As soon as you pull up to the inn, you’ll be charmed by its small town vibe, beautiful gardens and friendly staff. Around each bend on its grounds, you’ll find benches where you can relax amongst the flowers and fountains and take in the afternoon sun or the night sky.

4. Quaint. Although it’s compiled of six different buildings, each one is quaint with only a few rooms. The property is small but cozy and you’ll be within walking distance of all the best shops and restaurants in Edgartown.

5. Relaxing. Located right off Edgartown’s main street, you’re just a few blocks away from the water, where you can relax, watch the sailboats and take in the ocean breeze. The property’s grounds gardens that are so beautiful, you’ll want to relax and just be.

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