What is the tipping etiquette in Melbourne?

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Sandi Sieger

Tipping in Melbourne is not mandatory – at all. Of course, it is appreciated, but it’s certainly not a part of our custom, tradition or expectation. In recent years, tipping has become more popular but it’s at the discretion and inclination of the tipper.

Tipping is only usually done at more expensive restaurants with more tailored and exceptional service. However, everywhere from the corner café to the casual restaurant will most likely have a tip jar or bowl at the front counter where you can pop a few coins in to contribute to the staff tipping pool.

The hospitality industry in Melbourne is a very well respected one – wage rates and overtime rates are protected and staff do not rely on tips to form the basis of their wage – any tip is an added extra or bonus.

A 10% goods and services tax (GST) is included in the bill when purchasing any goods or service in Melbourne.

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