What are the relaxation lounges/locker rooms like at Lapis The Spa at Fontainebleau?

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After you leave the check-in desk at Lapis The Spa at Fontainebleau, you’ll be escorted to the locker room areas of the spa, which open up onto the male and female-designated wet areas and relaxation lounges. Three designated locker rooms feature pale wood lockers clearly labeled with large numbers lest you forget where you’ve stored your belongings. The full-sized lockers offer plenty of storage space, although on a recent visit our locker had  some peeling paint and chipped shelving indicating it needed some TLC. Each locker holds a robe and slippers for you to don, and can be locked with a four-digit code you choose, so you won’t need to carry a key around while you swim, soak and relax. The locker room, much like the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star spa as a whole, has been constructed with white marble and small turquoise glass tiles, which evoke a clean, sleek feel. Should you want to undress in private, you’ll find spacious dressing rooms with frosted glass doors and brown leather chairs.
As you make your way from the locker areas to the relaxation lounges, you’ll pass by a row of sinks outfitted toiletries including lotion, deodorant, makeup remover, combs, curling irons and hair dryers. Attendants can also get elastic hair ties or Band-Aids, if you need them. Beyond the sinks you’ll see several enclosed blue glass-tiled showers.
Lapis Spa features a couple areas for relaxing including the hammam-style lounge chairs topped with towels in the coed mineral pool room and near the mineral immersion hot tubs. Or head to the room with the glass door marked “silence is golden.” Here you’ll find plush lounge chairs topped with fluffy white blankets, and semi-private curtains that separate your nook from others. Choose from the many magazines available before letting the soft music lull you into a haze. And if you’re visiting the spa with a group of friends, the refreshment lounge offers a cozy, L-shaped white padded banquette with plenty of striped pillows and throw blankets where you can sip Tazo tea and chat about the facials you just received.

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