Where is the best Art Deco architecture in Miami?

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Ana Mantica

South Beach is home to some of Miami’s most beautiful beaches and architectural landmarks, and in particular Art Deco. After the 1926 hurricane leveled the city, rebuilding focused on the Art Deco style of the times, and today there are over 800 Art Deco buildings in the area. Here are five of Miami’s best Art Deco structures.

The Webster
Designed by master architect Henry Houser in 1939, the Webster’s ornate details, symmetrical shape and geometric composition, emblazoned with neon, now holds high-end fashion boutiques with women’s and men’s coutre. Visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee or bubbly in the lobby.

Jerry’s Famous Deli
Jerry’s Famous Deli takes is influenced in a streamlined, nautical style of Art Deco. Also designed by Houser, the building has a curved front with decorative porthole-esque shapes. First named Hoffman’s Cafeteria, it was also once the China Club, then the famous Warsaw Ballroom, and is again an eatery. The food is also good.

The Breakwater
At night, the Breakwater’s bright neon tower bearing its name can be seen down Ocean Drive. A 1936 resort hotel by Anton Skislewicz, the building design emphasizes strong lines and symmetry.

The McAlpin
A widely photographed building, the McAlpin, which was designed by the world-renowned L. Murray Dixon, boasts a symmetrical design with pastel pinks and turquoise blues, with three windows and lines that form a face in the front.

Bass Museum
The Bass Museum was designed by Russel Pancoast and built in the 1930s to house the Miami Beach Public Library and Arts Center. The building is covered in fossilized paleolithic coral, which contributes to the buildings texture and aging appearance, and the bas reliefs over the main entrance depict various figures from pelicans to Florida’s conquest by the Spanish.

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