What are the best Moab food experiences?

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Lisa Church

Many people come to Moab seeking outdoor adventures like hiking or rafting. That kind of workout leaves you hungry for some hearty food and fortunately there are many places in Moab that offer satisfying fare. Here are the best food experiences in Moab:
1. Chili cheeseburger. For everyday dining, Milt’s Stop & Eat is a must. First opened in 1954, this traditional diner serves up classic and specialty burgers and other diner fare, but their signature is Milt’s  chili cheeseburger. 
2. A Love Muffin. The Main Street bakery gets its name from its creative and delicious muffins, with flavorings like ginger, chocolate and bacon and blueberries. Its other specialty is massive sandwiches ideal for any time of day; favorites include the banh mi and the sausage breakfast sandwich.
3. The Mother of All Burritos. Miguel’s Baja Grill offers tasty Mexican food in an open-air dining room. Miguel’s is known for its MOAB (mother of all burritos), fish tacos and excellent mole.
4. Wake Me Up Wakame. You’ll find a great breakfast and lunch experience at Eklecticafe, where the décor perfectly matches the name. It serves some of the best coffee in town as well as the signature Wakame huevos rancheros, homemade quiche and a different decadent cheesecake every day. It’s open from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. daily.
5. Gourmet quesadillas. Keep your eyes open for the bright yellow Quesadilla Mobilla truck. Owners Carrie and Steven specialize in making fresh, filling and original quesadillas like one filled with apples, cranberries and cinnamon; spicy sweet potatoes or the Enchanted Chicken. Many visitors consider this the best place to dine in all of Moab.

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