What words best describe a visit to the tasting room at Bernardus Winery?

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Maria Hunt

There’s a casual charm to wine tasting out in the Carmel Valley, a bucolic area just off the coast of the Pacific in Monterey County, and the Bernardus Winery tasting room captures that well. Here are five words to describe the Bernardus Winery tasting room:

1. Cozy. The Bernardus Winery tasting room is a pretty cozy, with two areas for tasting and a couple of spots devoted to retail sales for wine gifts like Stonewall Kitchen preserves, chalk-painted wine bottles and fleece jackets emblazoned with the winery name.

2. Friendly. All of the staff at the tasting room is very welcoming, and it’s happy to have curious visitors come in who want to learn more about the Bernardus chardonnay, pinot noir or sauvignon blanc. 

3. Convenient. The Bernardus Winery tasting room is located in the heart of a business district in Carmel Valley that’s filled with shops, restaurants and other wine-tasting rooms, so you can visit a few places in an afternoon or morning.

4. Casual. There’s no need to dress up for a trip to the Bernardus Winery tasting room, it’s a very relaxed jeans-and-T-shirt kind of place. Children are welcome to visit with their parents and so are dogs on leashes.

5. Down-to-earth. Even though everyone who works at the Bernardus winery tasting room is well versed in wine, they’re never condescending. They’re all eager to help you find the best wines for your palate.

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