What are the best local dishes in Montreal?

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Christine Laroche

Montreal is famous for several dishes, all of them readily available and all of them oh-so-succulent.

The first -- and it's a controversial one! -- is the Montreal-style bagel. There are two bakeries that make these handmade, wood-fired delicacies: Fairmount Bagel and Saint-Viateur Bagel. They're located a few blocks from each other so grab half a dozen from each and judge for yourself who makes the best one. 

Next, Montreal is home to the world-famous smoked meat of Schwartz's. Fans line up outside the small Saint-Laurent Street counter so bring your appetite as well as your patience. 

Finally, no trip to Montreal is complete without a poutine, that concoction of fries, gravy and curd cheese that has become a cult classic -- locals even celebrate Poutine Week and scour the city to find the very best. For some purists, it's all about La Banquise, an greasy spoon that's open 24 hours a day in the Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhood while other prefer the more refined version served up at more upscale establishments. 

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  • Patricia Duluc, Montréal, QC, Canada
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