What are the best places to eat in Moscow?

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From traditional Russian cuisine to regional specialties and upscale noshes, Moscow is filled with fine places to eat, often frequented by a posh crowd. Our Forbes Travel Guide editors have sorted through the choices to bring you the best places to eat in Moscow:
1. Cafe Pushkin. The waitstaff greets you in 19th-century servant’s attire at this upscale Russian restaurant designed to look like a noble’s palace. Though the experience is pricey, the food, service and atmosphere are excellent and well worth the visit, even though this Moscow restaurant is often crowded with tourists. You’ll notice that the dining rooms get fancier the higher up the stairs you go.
2. Nedalny Vostok. The name of this posh seafood restaurant translates as “Near East,” and it has a reputation for serving the best Kamchatka crabs in western Russia. The Asian-fusion menu is popular with the “It Crowd” of Moscow.
3. Oblomov. Serving traditional Russian fare without the big price tag of Cafe Pushkin, Oblomov’s atmosphere is 18th-century Russian, and the restaurant has a reputation for great service. We especially love the wild boar dish.
4. Hachapuri. You don’t want to miss trying Georgian food while in Moscow, and this cozy café located just off Tverskaya is a good choice. Dishes typically include mixtures of pomegranates, lamb, walnut paste and salty cheeses. The namesake of the café is a cheese-filled pie, a Caucasus favorite popular across the former Soviet Union.
5. Mari Vanna. This popular Russian/Soviet eatery with an unmarked front door (you have to ring the bell to be let in) is designed to evoke nostalgia for Russia’s communist past. Simple, Soviet comfort food is served in an unassuming and fun atmosphere designed to look like a typical Soviet living room.

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