What are the best Russian vodkas to try?

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Sabra Ayres
  • Sabra Ayres

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  • Kabul, Afghanistan, Middle East

No trip to Moscow would be complete without sampling one of the country’s biggest exports: Russian vodka. Several new brands have made names for themselves and are now being sold on the international market. Beluga vodka has a high price tag, but is dependably good. Zhuravli or Zelenaya Marka are more reasonably priced and have a cool, retro look to them, making both brands a good gift to bring home, say our Forbes Travel Guide editors.
To drink like a native, you’ll need to do shots, which are commonly referred to as “sto gram,” or 100 grams. For an even more authentic experience, know that Russians rarely drink without plenty of food around and usually chase the shot with a piece of dark bread, a pickle or a forkful of a zakuski, or Russian appetizer.

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