What are some things to know before visiting Mumbai?

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Rakhee Ghelani

Mumbai is a huge and modern city, but for the first time visitor it can still come as quite a culture-shock, it isn't known as Maximum City for nothing! To help make your trip more pleasant and prepare yourself for your visit here are few things to keep in mind:

  • Whilst Mumbai is a big city, it is still very easy to get ill here from the food and water. So the most important thing to remember is to keep yourself healthy.  Never drink the water from the tap in Mumbai even if you see locals doing it. It always best to be safe rather than sorry, so stick to bottled mineral water everywhere. With regards to food, you should be safe eating from large hotels and clean, sit down restaurants.  If you want to try some of Mumbai's fabulous street food it is best to stick to hot food that you have seen being cooked in front of you.  Steer clear of anything that has been sitting around for long periods of time (as flies and other bugs may have touched them), or cut fruit that may have been rinsed in tap water. 
  • Even though it may be hot and Mumbai is quite modern, it is respectful and wise to wear modest clothing.  This will not only protect your skin from the weather, but also limit the amount of stares that you receive, making your visit more comfortable.  If you need some suitable clothes for the weather, why not buy a colourful cotton kurta that are perfect for the sultry weather and will help you look like a local.
  • Seeing poverty is unavoidable in Mumbai.  There are millions of people who are either homeless or live in slums, and these are everywhere, even in the poshest of suburbs.  You will no doubt experience beggars whilst travelling in a car or walking down the street.  It can be very confronting, and it is perhaps worth thinking about whether you wish to give money or not before you are faced with the situation. You may be followed for a while, and this can be quite distressing for some people. Just remember, the person who is begging is human too. 

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