What are the best comedy clubs in Mumbai?

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Rakhee Ghelani

The concept of a comedy club is still relatively new in Mumbai, but thankfully there is one place that is dedicated to the art of comedy.  The Canvas Laugh Factory (previously called the Comedy Store from its famous UK cousin), takes its laughs very seriously.  Located in the Palladium Mall in Phoenix Mills, this comedy club in Mumbai is dedicated to encouraging quality stand-up and showing entertaining productions night after night. With so few venues to show in, demand to perform here is high, so you are sure to be in fits of laughter all evening. It also has a full bar and diner, so relax, grab a bite to eat and enjoy the show.

There are several other venues that don’t focus specifically on comedy, but occasionally have stand-up shows.  Blue Frog is a club that primarily hosts music, but also has some comedic events. It is located only a few minutes away from the Canvas Laugh Factory. Further north in Bandra, the relaxed bar Lager Bay hosts Laugh Out Loud some Thursday evenings, where stand-up comedians come and vie for the attention of patrons.

If you are a fan of improvisation, then it is also worthwhile taking a look at a group called Ministry of Schtick.  They perform in various venues including the Canvas Laugh Factory, Blue Frog and even the National Centre for Performing Arts in Nariman Point.  Being an improvisation group, their act is not rehearsed and they rely heavily on the audience to help shape their show.  It is highly entertaining and full of spontaneous laughter.

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