What are the best food gifts to buy in Mumbai?

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Rakhee Ghelani

Most of the food sensations found in Mumbai are best eaten freshly cooked and hot off the grill, but there are also some interesting options if you want to gift something special for the gourmand at home:

1. Alfonso Mangoes: If the season is right (usually May to June), then you can’t go past Alfonso mangoes.  These can be found on every street corner in Mumbai for a few short weeks, and are just delicious sweet and juicy fruits that are hard to come by overseas.

2. Organic Tea: Tea is something that India is famous for, and there are some beautiful organic teas that you can find in Mumbai that make great presents.  Try brands like Tulsi or Sycotta, that make a variety of warming teas.

3. Spices: Whilst not native to Mumbai, you can still find some of the best quality spices from all over India in this town.  Head to Crawford market to find a large selection of cardamom, cinnammon, turmeric and even vanilla beans that will add flavour to your meals and of course smell just gorgeous too.

4. Snacks: Mumbaikars sure love to snack, and on most street corners you will find at least one “namkeen” (meaning salty) vendor, selling a mind-boggling array of crispy and spicy snacks.  Ask to try a few so that you can taste what you like, and then get them to package your choices for you, the real trick is getting them home without eating them first.

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