What are the best places to see a play in Mumbai?

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Rakhee Ghelani

Mumbai has a plethora of small theatres where you can see a play, and given that the city is a melting pot of cultures, it is not surprising to find live theatre in a wide range of languages.  For English language plays, there are two venues that host the best theatre in Mumbai.

The Prithvi Theatre

The Prithvi Theatre is a small theatre that is now a hub for theatre goers, and also a favoured hangout for the arts scene.  It aims to promote professional theatre, not only by showing plays but also by hosting workshops and providing resources to the community.

It is a non-profit venue, hosting performances from Tuesday to Sunday every week, over 500 shows a year are held at the Prithvi Theatre. Performances held at Prithvi are generally either in English, Hindi, Gujarati or Marathi with actors from across India seek to perform at this prestigious venue.

It is also a great place to just relax and take in the atmosphere, with a small cafe where you can people watch or have a bite to eat before the show. Located in the Northern suburb of Juhu, Prithvi Theatre is a must see for anyone who loves the theatre.

National Centre for Performing Arts

The NCPA is Mumbai’s largest and most well-known centre for arts and culture.  It is a multi-venue centre, and hosts a wide range of cultural events, from the Mumbai International Film Festival to Comedy Festivals.  Over 500 events a year across all art forms are shown at NCPA.

With five theatres, live theatre is one of the major art forms shown here, and there is usually a large variety of performances to choose from. Like Prithvi, plays can be in multiple languages, so it is always worth checking before booking your tickets. The theatres are large, and it is usually not difficult to get a ticket for the show you want to see.

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